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Joint Ventures and Investment Groups

We specialize in creating and managing real property investment partnerships for qualified investors looking to build or develop land.

Beyond cultivating these relationships, our services include inspection and audit of current real estate holdings and fiduciary management of the group's real estate portfolio. We also locate, analyze, and budget future acquisitions for property investment groups. TELLCO also owns a property management company to manage and maintain long term real estate holdings, which keeps real property assets secure, and strengthens your net worth.

Builder Partnerships

At TELLCO, our company partners with investors and landowners on the right projects. These partnerships allow both parties to leverage resources, expertise, and assets to create a competitive market advantage. These strategic partnerships promote greater profits and increased net worth while minimizing risk and upfront capital expenditures for both groups.

You can join a structured partnership with our company on both commercial and residential projects by contacting us at (281) 908-9286 or

Apartment Building

Real Estate Investments

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