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About Us

Build your dreams

TELLCO Builders is a full-service luxury custom home builder and remodeler in the Greater Houston Area. We are highly experienced general contractor that works in the construction industry since 1996. Despite the intense competition the company was able to become one of the most trusted luxury custom building and remodeling company in the Houston area.

TELLCO Builders is known for its ability to create exclusive custom homes of impeccable quality and its` exceptional customer service.  We are confident to say that we provide one of the best building services in the market, offer endless customization possibilities, and can create house of your most daring dreams.

We specialize in custom construction, remodeling, and real estate investments. Our construction services range from kitchen and bath remodeling to site development. Each of your project, big or small, will be managed with uncompromised quality and attention to every detail. We work to turn your vision into upscale realty.

Core values


We value transparency and integrity in our operations. Our operations are visible and understandable for our customers and partners. TELLCO Builders offers its clients and partners an open line of communication throughout each project. We have dedicated resources to update client portals and mobile apps, which enable our customers to view up to date progress of construction, finances, and timelines.


Guided by our belief that the quality of your home has a direct bearing upon the quality of your life, we treat each project as if we were building it for ourselves. We do not compromise on quality and work only with the best materials, people, and subcontractors in the industry. When you build with TELLCO Builders you may worry about the quality of the outcome; we guarantee that it will be second to none.

Customer satisfaction

Satisfaction of customers is our top priority. We offer an individual approach to each of our clients. We work around client` needs, wants, and schedules. TELLCO professionals make our customers feel that remodeling or custom constriction is an easy and pleasant experience. We deliver our projects on time, on budget, and do our best to make each of our client happy.

Our approach 

We are obsessive about things others might not notice. No detail is too small, and nothing escapes our attention. There are no shortcuts taken. Every member of our team, both in-house and our trusted sub-contractors, always perform to the highest standards.

At TELLCO Builders we listen carefully to customers` needs and desires. Our professionals make sure that all customers` preferences are considered in each step of the project design and execution. Such close attention to customers` desires allows us to build truly unique and deeply personalized homes of great value.

All you need to do is to contact TELLCO professionals and describe the house of your dreams. We promise to build your dreams.

To learn more about the TELLCO`s building/remodeling process click here.

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